Dyamo refinery optimze volume

As newbie to dynamo, I have a structure Length x Breath X Height (see attached picture of the parametric family) which can contain soil inside.
I am interested to know how to generate design options to all different size of the parameter (with minimum wall thickness in slider) for minimize the concrete materials but with maximize soil volume (may be assign min. volume)? Tks!

To leverage Refinery here you will have to build a similar parametric model in Dynamo, leveraging Dynamo geometry instead of a Revit family, and perform the calculations for structural capacity, volume of retained soil, and the like there as well.

Thanks for ur reply.

  1. Can I extract the family data or assigned material volume for the task?
  2. It seems complicated to build the walls with inclined slab at the back. Wondering any samples for creating similar structure I can lean from it rather than a simple block.
  3. Any example for volume optimization?
    Thanks a lot!
  1. Not sure what you mean by this. Can you elaborate? While many of us know about using the software we do t necessarily know how to design what you are tackling.
  2. Consider lifting two closed polylines to create a solid, or sweeping the tapered shape along a path.
  3. Volume optimization relative to what? Optimize isn’t a clear verb in this context.