Material -- Geometry in dynamo to Revit

How to paste up the solid material is created in the dynamo then incorporated into revit ?
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I needed the help. Anyone can give me a proposals plan so I can solve your problems? :lo lắng:

Springs.FamilyInstanceByGeometry will work better. It allows material assignment. Or direct shapes.

You could assign materials to elements sent to Revit using Direct Shape, but you wouldn’t be able to access the material property in Revit.

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Hello, John,

How does “Springs.FamilyInstanceByGeometry” allows material assignment? can’t find the way.


#Yes. The material has to exist in your family template though


Thank you! I will research this.

Hello John
I’m trying to use spring.FamilyInstance.ByGeometry to produce some separated geometric elements of the category mass, and so far no problem, each one has a diferent colour (material) to be assign.

The problem I’ve got is that I can’t find a way to edit the mass template file in my case the “Metric Mass.rft” and assign the materials in this template.

What I’m I doing wrong?

Can You help plase?


  1. You need to create a new Mass family using the OutoftheBox Mass family template.
  2. While still in the file, create the material(s) you require or import them from a material library. Also at this point you can create any parameters you wish to be available for your created family. I recommend saving the family in a centralized location, tell you why in a sec. Save and Close the file.
  3. Copy the file and paste in the same location. Using file explorer, change the extension of the file from .rfa to rft. Revit (for some reason) doesn’t let you save as a family template file. THIS is the template you need to point to in Dynamo. It must have the materials and params in it you wish to assign.
  4. This process can be a little tedious, which is why I recommend keeping a master for each family category in a central local, and letting the materials and params you frequently use to cumulatively build up, kindof like a shared parameter file. If you like, you can always keep project specific templates in a more localized folder location.

Out of curiosity, why Mass template? I most frequently use Generic Model… just curious.

Good luck!


Thank you Curtis!!!
I will give it a try in a moment.

I whant to do it as mass family because I’m trying to make a space plan generator, so those masses can host other families.


Hi Nick,

I’m having a problem using materials in Generic Models. Somehow the materials disappear when de dynamo generates the models and the material won’t be assigned. I followed the steps you described.

Do you have any clue why?


  1. Make sure the materials are in the family template file.
  2. Make sure you use the exact material name
  3. Could you post your project file, family template file, and Dynamo .dyn file?


[Water.dyn|attachment](upload://oothwGTemplate materials.rfa (432 KB) vJNv18W67TTgb7SYQRXot.dyn) (123.6 KB)

Hi Nick,

Thank you for replying. I hope you can help me out.


Water.dyn (123.6 KB)