Material texture maps


is it possible to list the texture maps of a material.

In bigger projects we sometimes have the problem of missing maps in materials and it ist no funny work searching the material which needs the missing .jpg

my idea is to create a list of all materials in a project with the used textures to find it.

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I would love to be able to do this as well. I have too many materials in my projects to go looking for all the missing maps.

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Which part of the material asset are you looking to adjust specifically? You’ll need to be in 2018.1 or later to have a chance. Post a sample file and what you’ve tried in dynamo thus far.

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@Jason_Diamond2 and @Dominik_Wukowojac I posted the code here if you are still interested. Access To Material Texture Path

Let me know if I can help further

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Can you share file package HOK_