Sorting Material List to Fix Missing Textures

Hi all,

Looking to fix textures out IT team modified our server and all our Material Textures paths have changed.

I have had a tone of luck with the orchid package. But only able to remap one file path at a time.
I am pretty new with dynamo, and I am struggling with organising the list generated. If someone could help organise my list so that all texture paths get modified and loaded into the material replace node.

See attached and

Re-Index Texture Path.dyn (21.9 KB)

Hello @sparkyduke
Can you tried with this method.
I did few changes in your script.

Re-Index Texture Path_2.dyn (57.3 KB)

Hi, I seem to be missing this package. Or I am missing one definition.

That node is from Rhythm package

indices = [i for i, x in enumerate(IN[0]) if x == IN[1]]
OUT = indices

No Luck

Looks like in Rhythm 2021.7.3 Its no longer used.


Maybe I can try Isolated Pick Model Elements

yaa , i am expecting this problem you might face.
So you can copy & Paste the python code also.
I have provided you the python code working behind that code

replace with this node

Re-Index Texture Path_2.1.dyn (60.9 KB)

you can use this one, you wont required additional package

Hey @honeyjain619 Thank for your help.

Just to close this off I manage to get it working like this probably not as organised as your method. But what you had wasn’t filtering the two lists I needed.

But thanks again

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Hey, @sparkyduke ,

Good to know, to resolve you own problem.
My only motivation is to help others while improve my knowledge and concepts. :slight_smile: :wink: :wink: