Materials file Directories

Is there a way to list all the linked image files and their directories?

We have Revit installed on each workstation and the materials are located on our computers, not on the network. I’ve found that when someone opens a shared Revit project, the material files that are local do not show up, so there is a huge discrepancy.

I’m looking for an easy way to list all of the materials and their directories so that I can change them without hunting for them endlessly.

Do you know of a way to generate a list of the material images that are actively used?

Thank you!


You can take inspiration from this post :

Hi there
The script does not work on my side, can you upload an example dynamo file?


You’re rigth the script in the link doesn’t work.
I created a new node for this task which works with all the materials schemas (masonry, wood, generic…) :

PS : Please note that this can take several minutes to calculate.

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well done, nicely done

image I see this node, how does it function?


For now, this custom node only works with generic shemas materials but since I found a way to iterate over all the schemas in the Material Find Texture Path node, I can improve it if you need.

Generic schema :

if you could do that, it would be amazing


I updated the Change Texture Path node and it should work with all the materials schemes now.

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