Matching two lists with List.OfRepeatedItem

I am new to using Dynamo, coming from Grasshopper for Rhino, which handles lists differently than Dynamo.

To make a long story short, I have a set of curves imported from Rhino that I would like to use to create walls. They are individual line segments, as I could not determine how to convert a 1Degree Nurb Curve to a curve type that Revit could use to create a wall. I have 25 floors, each with a different number of segments. I would like to make a wall using “Wall.ByCurveAndLevels”, which requires the curve, Start Level, End Level, and wall type. I tried simply plugging in all of these segments (which has an array structure of 25 lists (one for each floor), with a sublist of its individual segments), and using a list of all of the floors as the input, but it will not read an array. My work-around was to create a repeated list of the Levels that each segment needs so that the Start/End Level matches the data structure of the segments.

Using some List.Map components, what I ended up with was 25 lists with the correct number of values, but the same repeated value of “Level 1” for each list (see attached image).

Any help would be appreciate. Let me know if you need any additional information.

The file provided below should work provided the number of curves correspond with the number of levels.

File: Walls.dyn

20151225-3 20151225-4

Fantastic! Worked perfectly. While we’re on the subject of using Levels as parameters for Walls, is there a way to set a vertical starting offset for the wall (8" below finish floor) in Dynamo, or is this best achieved in the family type parameters?

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