Insert walls next to eachother. - iterate - loop

I have a list of wall types in a project. Dynamo must automatically iterate the list to insert the walls in the project. All 85 walls types get inserted on top of each other.
How do I increment the start and end point of the curve to insert the walls so that I get a graphical list of walls rather than a pile?


Hey, what do you mean with “all 85 walls types get inserted on top of each other ?”. Something like a graphical schedule? (random google image: )
Anyways do you have any geometry on which to place these walls? The nodes Wall.ByCurveAndHeight and Wall.ByCurveAndLevel both require curves as inputs, and I think you should just create a set of start and end points and connect each pair to obtain lines on which to place the walls.

Right. I can’t figure out how to update the start and end points as the type list iterates.

I am hoping for something like this.

Thank you.

You want two sets of points, the first one will have X = 0 and Y = 0 , 1 , 2…, the other one will have X=1 and Y again = 0, 1 , 2… (depending on your units)
So you can just create a list of Y points (as many as your wall types, and spaced as you wish) and feed it to two different Point.ByCoordinates, while for the X value you once feed 0 and then 1.
Sorry don’t have time to open up dynamo right now.

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