Need "Excel-Like" List Setup to Feed Into Nodes

Hi There,
First time long time. I have gotten a lot of help from various posts, but this one is stumping me. I am working on a graph that will link a CAD file, create walls (after making model curves) and other elements, thus theoretically creating a building in Revit (or at least a floor for now). My CAD file uses element names (walls, columns, etc.) as layers. When linked into Dynamo, I separate out the wall layers, feed into CAD.CurvesFromCADLayers, where it spits out Model Curves and layerKeys.

In order to maintain the continuity between the newly-created curves and the wall types (formerly CAD layer names), I made a dictionary with values as curves and keys as wall types. It looks correct, with the wall types acting as headers to the list of curves. In order to make it work with Wall.ByCurveAndLocation, I need to have two separate lists in this format:

List of Wall types List of Curves

Wall 1 Curve 1
Wall 1 Curve 2
Wall 1 Curve 3
Wall 1 Curve 4
Wall 1 Curve 5
Wall 1 Curve 6
Wall 1 Curve 7
Wall 1 Curve 8
Wall 2 Curve 9
Wall 2 Curve 10
Wall 2 Curve 11
Wall 2 Curve 12
Wall 2 Curve 13
Wall 2 Curve 14
Wall 2 Curve 15
Wall 2 Curve 16

Surely there is a simple solution I am missing?

Thanks !

Huh, looks like I figured it out! Guess I just needed to put it in writing.

This is the first proof of concept in my project. The goal is to do a LOD 200 model from a set of CAD Floor plans. Enjoy!