Match input in string exact

Hello all,

I am trying to get a custom print setting node to work.
I ran intro a little problem,
Below is an image of the custom node, the titleblock input gets the sheet size, for example A0.
The problem is that we also have sheets that have A0+ and A0++ as sheet size.
This string just finds anything that contains A0, instead of matching it exactly with the entire titleblock.
The solution to this problem is probably a node that i dont yet know about…

When i set the length to 2, it finds all A0 and A0+ sheets, since the input is A0.
If i set the length to 3, it doesnt find the regular A0 sizes( i think because it is looking for titleblocks with 3 characters?)

So i actually have two problems,
If i set the length to what it’s supposed to be(3) to find all sizes, it will not find the regular 2 character long sizes…
On the other hand i cant set this to 2 because then dynamo will print all A0+ on A0 sizes…

The Problem is not with the substring node . This string.substring Node select the number of characters based upon your input. There is problem with the selection process by other node.Can you post the entire workspace of this program. so that I can see what best I can do for this

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Perhaps leveraging a dictionary based on the full name or another portion thereof. Knowing the full name of the titleblocks would help too.

The full name of the titleblocks are:

A0 (1189x841)
A0+ (1399x841)

I will try what you suggested!

I added a filter on the entire titleblock name and this resolved my issue.