Matching Print Setting based on Parameter Value

Hi all,

I could use some help. So, I tried to do printing script which will get titleblock sheet size and based on that apply print settings. However I’m just not sure how to match these values (for example when parameter value is A0, feed print setting A0, etc…)

Hello @Marcelo.Rak

You can group the list by key value, then sort the key as per your order.

Hi @honeyjain619 ,

thanks for answer. Would like to try out, but don’t have List.GetItemIndices…care to share package?

Got the same result with All.Indices of, however, is it possible to retain the order of parameter values from the first list, without making any sublists and grouping)?


If you dont wanna disturb the order of 1st list, then create the same order of 2nd list.

@Marcelo.Rak I don’t see a need to rely on packages for this task. You can simply use the List.IndexOf and List.GetItemAtIndex node to get what you need. PrintSettings.dyn (24.0 KB)


Thanks guys…works like charm

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