Mass object corner points


is there a way to query the corner points of a conceptual mass object?

i already tried the conversion to a solid and then use the “lunchbox deconstruct solid” node - but the node is not working i always get a ‘null’ result for the node. analyzing the lunchbox’s python node i always receive an error message: ‘Edge’ object has no attribute ‘AsCurve’ for the node.

HELP appreciated!


Can you try something like this:






I think the problem is that Revit’s solids are not very “solid” :slight_smile:

I had to do some rounding because dynamo tries to extract the points with too many numbers after the decimal plate.

dimitar, thanks a lot. exactly the solution i have been looking for.

the bad news (for me) :wink:

i definitely will have to improve my DesignScript skills!!!

tx peter

Hi Peter,
You can extract all sorts of information using the Topology nodes. Use Vertex.PointGeometry and Edge.CurveGeometry to further refine this information.


This seems to get vertices from a selected Mass:

Eric, the post immediately before yours already demonstrates a far more efficient approach.