Extracting coordinates from a model

Hi !
I have a Revit model of a box girder bridge (made up of several segments). I am required to extract the coordinates (with respect to the Project base point) of the corner points of the segement’s top slab.

Please guide me through this…

Thanks in advance

Hello, could you post what you got so far? Thanks

I am have attached the Revit File of my segmental box girder bridge model.
I am very new to dynamo. All I could find out so far is to Select the face of the top slab whose corner coordinates I need. I could not find any other node to find the point coordinates at corners.

Please guide me about this.!!

Thank you

No Revit nor Dynamo attachment.

Very sorry about that… The file size was large and did not get uploaded. I have reduced the file size now. Please help me out by guiding me how to extract coordinates of the top slab corner points in the attached model.

Extracting coordinates.rvt (1.3 MB)

No offense but this post reeks of #7 on the How to get help on the Dynamo forums post:

Rather than asking for step by step instructions on how to do your task, try attempting it first. At least come up with a reasonable game plan. It takes effort to learn anything new.

With that out of the way, I will say how I would tackle the problem:
You have a face, and you need the points on the corners. That means you need the perimeter of the face and the end points of each line.

Think through what you need and how you would get that from a within Revit standpoint. Use nodes that sound like it would do what you want in baby steps. Try looking through the Dynamo Dictionary to learn about how to use out-of-the-box nodes. It should at least help you get on the right track.

I do not intend to ask some one to solve the issue for me. Please guide me through proper sources so that i can reach my goal. I have tried searching about extracting coordinates from model, but I did not find anything related to what i require.

Is it possible to get the points with just the basic nodes available in dynamo?
Are there any custom nodes which someone has done with similar application.?

Please give me some direction on the same…

Thank you

Please see what I wrote above, that should at least get you started. This can all be done with 3 basic or out-of-the-box nodes, all of which I have mentioned in this:

If that still isn’t enough, let’s try troubleshooting it together. You said previously that you found the Select Face node.
Good, that’s a great start, as it gets you the face you want super easily. When you use that node, you will notice that the output is a surface. Well, what can you do with surfaces? Let’s find out together!

Turns out there are a lot of things you can do with surfaces. Let’s look for something relevant. Remember, we want some way to get the perimeter edges or lines, as those lines will contain the points we need.

See anything yet? Wait, what’s that?
There is a node that mentions perimeter! Let’s take a closer look.
Darn, the outputs are curves, not lines. Wait, I remember from the Primer that lines are curves! Awesome, that sounds super relevant! The output are curves but we need points. More specifically, we want the end points. Huh, I wonder if there are any nodes that takes curves as the input and outputs a point, specifically at the end of the curve. Should we check?
There is! Wow, we are almost there, now we just need to plug the nodes together.
Tadah! We did it! High-fives all around!


Thank you very much for your time and effort in helping me out on this.

I had not given a though in this direction earlier…

Thank you.,