Mark Value Change for Single Element _ Using Dynamo

Following is the Problem :
I would like to Change Mark Value. Every Element has different mark Value.
Element.SetParameterByName doesnt work after I enter List consisting of Element I would like to Edit; as a Element Value to the Node.
I would like to Change Mark Value of a Precast Element. Old Value to be Set to the new Value.
Kindly provide your comments and suggestions; File Attached.

Dynamo - Mark Value Change - Precast Element

provide us with a screenshot of your graph and where things go wrong. Easier for us to help you.

Please click on the Link to download the file.


Is this something like what you’re after?
Capture Mark Value Change _ 14-01-2019-MKA.dyn (29.9 KB)

I can’t easily test it without a rvt…

Hope that helps,


Edit: slightly updated

That I understand :wink:
But now we still have to run things to understand what goes wrong. A screenshot with the errors is usefull. Not everybody uses Structural Framings with the Mark name “TF-HCS250-010”.

So without being able to test things properly: the unlogical part is in the middle. list allindecesof. Furthermore don’t use the getparatervaluebyname as element input for setname you need the actual elements.



Hey Mark; I have New Mark Values and Old Mark Values; finally I would like to give New Mark Values to All Elements

Code Shared isnt working. Thanks
Kindly help!

Hey ! Thanks alot ! Error Solved !

Can you also tell me how I can replace Old Mark Values to New Mark Values; I have 500 Elements;

I have New and Old mark values in excel and would like to run the code for it !

I want to change multiple mark values ! Getting Error !

you can’t check a list with single values.

In your case: the two mark names “HR …” is a list. Use the node List.contains.

But, what are you trying to achieve? you have a bunch of elements which you filter by mark value. and afterwards you set those specific elements to the same mark value?

Am I giving Values Input to Element.SetParameter node correctly ??

OK 3Pinter… Let me try your suggestion ! Thanks!

I am trying to Filter Bunch of Elements using Existing Mark Value and I would Like to Replace existing Mark Values by new mark Values.

So this is the problem…


The == isn’t working for you.

Try this…

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== is working fine and filtering after giving multiple inputs;
Last Node isnt replacing Multiple New Values to Old Values.

I have multiple Values at Element.SetParameterByName !
How shall I give multiple Value Inputs at this node; kindly guide !
== is working fine.
I have to finally change multiple mark values by new values ;
Each Mark Value is unique

You are feeding an empty list, so it has nothing to update.

Because your == is not giving you the output you want.

Yeah, you are right. let me try your suggestions for ==

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How can I erase the value of Mark ? I would lie to leave that empty, they are currently pre-populated within all my Door families.

Hi Esra,

I would just feed an empty ‘string’ node to the Value input of SetParameter… I think that should work :slight_smile:



Yup! I ended up doing just that and it worked!! Thank you so much!!

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