Get and Set parameters

i am completely new to dynamo and this is my first venture into it

yes i am booked to get some training but this is a must right now

i am trying to get the mark value of my Fire devices to match the already defined Number value

what i have written seems to be having some effect as i now have a ? shown but not the value

can anyone show me what is missing please


Change NUMBER to " Number" or “NUMBER” depending on your parameter name. Or use a String node as you have for setting the value. The Get.ParameterByName node is expecting a string (text value) as the input for the parameter name.

Make sure to look through the Dynamo Primer as you are first starting out. :grinning:


Hi @k.challinor,
you could also get rid of the “doubled” nodes to select the elements, you can use the same selection method because the elements are exactly the same.

Please check the image below.

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