Change “Mark” values of Walls in many Revit models

Hello all, I am a new Dynamo user so forgive me as I am posting with some little knowledge about dynamo.

Following different posts here, I was able to put together a definition that finds and opens many of Revit central files at the same time from a certain folder. Then using the Rhythm package I was able to Open and Close the files.

But I am unable to execute and set the value of the “Mark” parameter for all the “Wall” elements inside all the opened files.

Please see below my definition and the errors.

Thank you in advance!

SetMarkValue-Wall.dyn (24.3 KB)

hi @zakim,

as far as I know, you cannot use Application.OpenDocumentFile on opened documents. Try open a blank project and close all the files that needed to be edited then run your script. I think it will work perfectly.


Hi @blsalvio
I actually did that exactly but still, the “Mark” parameter does not get modified.
Am I missing something …?!

  • Thank you.

hi @zakim,

can you share your dynamo file I will add some nodes that I think can solve your problems?


Sure - it is attached in the first post. See under the second screen capture.

hi @zakim

check this SetMarkValue-Wall - v2.dyn (12.6 KB)

Hi @blsalvio
I do not know how to thank you. It worked perfectly and I really appreciate your help.