Mapping programmed areas from excel to specific department instances in revit

Hi! -Im just a bit of abeginner here a bit stuck with a task… we are working on a large hospital project where programmed areas are changing alot under our different departments. I would really like to have dynamo read my excel (which is updated with department programmed areas) which i have managed to do. Then I want to map these program totals to my department names under a parameter 'programmed area (for example) '- (I have 12 main departments, and about 30 sub departments in two different shared parameters) This is so that we can see constantly the comparison of programmed areas as they update (both main and sub) to total department areas placed in the project (main and sub) . Im a bit lost - i dont know how to make a rule so that the area instances with the same department parameter all recieve the same area information from excel each time it updates. (we have multiple instances of the same sub departments that need to add to make the total.) So for example any department area with department parameter equal to 1.1 Akuttmottak will recieve the total program area from the excel sheet 2896 (or whatever it changes to being). Let me know if you need anymore info - i REALLY