Trying to create a "multi-phase" room schedule


I am fairly new to Dynamo and I am trying to create an Excel spreadsheet that tracks room sizes across 3 phases in the project (Existing, Moves, New Construction). Because Revit rooms only exist in one phase, I created an instance parameter for each room called “Move Identifier” that I can use to track the room throughout the project. I am trying to get the area for each phase to show up on the same schedule and consolidate the data based off the Move Identifier. I tried created a dummy parameter called Existing Area, Move Area, and New Construction Area. How can I get Dynamo to get the area from the Existing Schedule and then apply the area to the corresponding move identifier? This is somewhat of what I have set up, but I’m really at a loss at what to do. Thanks in advance.

We can’t read your nodes. Use Export as Image in the top right corner of Dynamo when creating screenshots of your graph. You don’t have to fit everything in the window (the whole workspace gets exported) you just have to make sure everything is legible. It would also be helpful to pin the node preview bubbles for all nodes just so nothing gets missed.

From what I can see, you need to first set your == node (I’m assuming that’s what it is) to use @L1 so that all rooms are compared against each other.

Alright, here is the new image.

Can you turn on the rest of the node previews and change the list levels for the == node? Also, what does the error say?

Sure thing. The warning says “Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed.
The parameter’s storage type is not a number.”

Ok well that explains the issue there. The area parameters that you created are not numbers. You’ll have to recreate them so that you can write a number to them. Once that’s fixed you should be good to go. You’ll just have to compare the values from the different phases and filter the matches so everything is in the same order.

Ok, so I edited the parameter to allow a number to be written. Now how do I filter the phases and the matches?

That’s where suggested changing the list level of the == node to @L1 so that you’re comparing all rooms against each other. If every room exists in every phase you could also just use SortByKey to sort all the rooms by their Move Identifier.

Either way, I would recommend going through the Dynamo Primer and looking at similar posts on the forum. Once you have the basics down you should have no problem getting this figured out.

Gotcha, thanks for your help