Manually installing Lunchbox

I can’t get rights to use the installation package for Lunchbox, is there a way to install it manually?

Welcome to the forum @RD3

Why don’t you have the rights to install?

It looks like the people at have stopped making Lunchbox for Dynamo sadly.

They say source code can be downloaded from link below.

Not sure if this is what you are looking for? Dynamo Packagesimage

I’m not sure but I believe the Lunchbox package installed via package manager no longer works.

@RD3 Try installing version 2018.7.7 or 2018.7.6.
Do not click on the download button because that will install the latest version and that version doesn’t work.

If you want to manually install it then download the package from here:
Extract it in a folder (optional: rename the folder to LunchBox for Dynamo)
Go to %appdata%/Dynamo and locate your packages folder and copy it there.