Manual Selection of model Element by click

Hi everyone,

I want to developp a numerotation tool. I would to select model elements in the order that I choose and then extract a list of these elements in the order that I had click. I’d search a lot of time and I don’t found anything about that. I know it exist the node “Select Model Elements” but, with this node, we can’t select with click but only with a box selection.

May have you a solution ?

Thank you in advance for your responses.

I did this long time ago and I just consider it unorthodox. :joy:

Infinite_Selection.dyn (3.3 KB)

Ok, in order to achieve it:

  • An infinite loop, or almost infinite in your context.

  • Calling Selection.PickObject(), not plural.

  • Collect the element

  • Wrap step 1 and 2 into a try block. Break the loop in exception.

  • When u’re done with selection, press ESC to trigger OperationCanceledException then
    break the loop.

  • Output your collection.


A bit easier is this node from the springs package: image

@jshial Thanks for this ! I think it is exactly what I need !

Thank you also @JacobSmall for this node. In this case I prefer use a python script to work next on the selected element in the same script.