Reverse engineered select model elements node

Hi all,

I was wondering is there a way to select model elements in revit based on a list of element I.Ds? Just simply feed a list of element I.Ds in a node then it selects all the associated elements in the model.

Thanks in advance

@James_Washbourne yes it’s possible.
What have tried so far?

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@James_Washbourne - check out the Select.ByElementId node in the archilab package.


I’ve tried this node but its not selecting the items in the model. It’s giving the list, but I want to actually select the beams in the model itself.


Can you post some image of what your are trying to do or your dyn?

@James_Washbourne - You want to have the elements selected directly in Revit so you can manually perform an operation on them?

Exactly that Jacob

Thank you