Manipulate existing mass in revit

I discovered dynamo couple of days ago while searching for a method how to triangulate a surface of a mass I created.
So far I’ve watched couple of introduction tutorials and created some funny stuff, however I’m not able to find and answer to my original task - to triangulate the surface of my mass object created in revit - please, is it possible? how?
I hate to ask this question but I’m running out of time with my project…

Thank you

Hi @dalia.gregorova

You need to drop images so that others who is trying to help you can understand better.
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Welcome and thanks for your participation :slight_smile:

Well it’s a general question since I’m asking to tesselate/triangulate an existing surface from a mass created in revit, because so far I only found tutorials that create the objects from the scratch.

This is the surface I’m trying to triangulate…

Hi @dalia.gregorova
Yet to use this but I trust you should start by installing Mesh Toolkit package.

Also, hopefully this will help you:

Do keep us posted regarding your findings!

Those are great resources indeed
This topic could also help to get started, I think: