Making triangulation edges invisible when importing OBJ files and how to split meshes

anyone knows how to make triangulation edges invisible when importing OBJ files into Revit? besides the 3d Max tedious workflow. I would also like to be able to control materials for each sub mesh in the original file. How do I split the meshes to fit the original so that I can control material assets?

The way to make the edges disappear on a circle extrusion would be to insert a small void somewhere inside the solid. I havent tried it on OBJ’s tho.

I was trying the same some days ago, and apparently it’s not (yet) possible in Revit.

If you want to have different materials, you need to have different layers in your original file, before importing to Revit. If you import from Rhino, it’s not enough to have different materials, they have to be different layers.

I don’t know if there’s a way with Dynamo, but I don’t think so.