Linetool and invisible lines

Hello everyone,

I am working on a project with somone who is working with advanced concrete 2017. When I imported his model, Revit imported as a Brep representations…

When there are a few elements, it is easy to hide the diagonal lines by using the linetool. But when it is a thousand of lines, it is more difficult…

Thus, is there any way on dynamo to hide all this kind of lines?


Even if you could (and I think you can override individual elements if you can figure out how to get to the) you’d have to run this on every view.

Looks pretty flat. Is there no way for them to export it without the tessellation?

Thanks for the answer greg!

No, they can’t… I was thinking: is it possible to get a list of the model lines on dynamo?

Yes, but it’s not a model line is it? It’s part of the geometry. I suppose you might try to find the bounds of the object with anything that’s not the boundary being an interior edge that needs to be hidden.

yes, it is not a model line!

Do you know the node that I have to use to get these lines, by any chance?

Thanks a lot greg

I doubt there’s a node already established. This looks pretty custom and specific. You’ll have to think through the logic and figure it out. Get a start and report back with questions.

Ok I am trying to find a way on dynamo to solve the problem. I will report back when i will get some results!

Thanks greg

@ ValentinEng did you find a solution ?

Any solution to this?