How to insert Panel(based on 4points, Made by Quads from surf Node) into Revit


I have some problem of processing my project, could you help me?

I made Points Net by dividing surface

and Each Point Net will be consist of 4 points (because I used Quads from surface Node)

but How I can insert Revit family (panel) using 4points?

(plus, If i have adaptive component based on 4 points, How can i insert to Revit from points Net in dynamo?)



Hi Yongil,

To clarify, you have a surface in Dynamo that is made up of points, like my 1st image below and you want to make an adaptive family that can generate this object in Revit?








If so, you will need to create an Adaptive Family, like in the example screenshot I have below. It will need as many adaptive points as the surface you are trying to generate from. Keep in mind, that the point order in the list in Dynamo, needs to match the point order in the Adaptive family.











In Dynamo, you can then use the node ‘AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints’. You will need the list of points for the surface and the referenced Adaptive family you created in Revit.