Selecting elements from list/node

Very new to Dynamo myself, so I suspect this is an easy fix. I´m trying to automate the selection of all elements hosted to, or inserted in, another element (like a wall). The purpose is to easily put the host and all it´s hosted elements into something like a design option.

Seems simple enough but since the last node doesn´t select anything I´m doing something wrong. I suspect i´m missing some sort of conversion between the “selection” node and the “select in revit” node?

Edit: I realize I´m only getting the openings and not all hosted elements which is my end goal, but I had to start somewhere.


I used a node from the package “GeniusLoci” that extracts dependent elements.

Maybe this would be useful in your case?

Thank you kind sir Noob. Gave it a shot and it works pretty well. Very useful node indeed!

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