Make model group based on parameter

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if u can make a model group based on parameters.
I am working on a file which contains a few thousand elements from an IFC file. It is a collection of coloms, structural framing and specialty equipment. Because is is an IFC-export all the items “exploded” and aren’t connected to the colomn. All the elements are given a number which can tell which elements should be connected with eachother. So my question:

Is it posible to make Model Groups based on a parameter value? The most efficient would be that the Model Group name is the same as the parametervalue. `

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Have you noticed that when you import the Ifc, a shared parameter file is created.
I you add some of those parameters to your Revit file as Shared Project Parameters set to those Categories, you can do a bit more filtering in a view (3D or schedule)

Hi Marcel,

The model in question is a 2014 steel structure. We are going to disassemble it and want to offer it for reuse. We will export the model to the architect so that he can draw from it. Because all the end plates etc are no longer “connected” to the profile, the architect cannot slide the profiles without all the end plates etc shifting relative to the profile. Hence the need to connect all elements with the same number via a Model Group

Just add new Shared Project Parameter may work

I can’t see how. All the elements who belong to the profile would still be “loose” and not attached to the colomn.