Create Revit File from Group / Link Group

Hi All,

I’m working on a workflow that requires us to split models into smaller Revit files; with matching coordinates etc.
These split are location-based, not by discipline/category and looking at the scale it would be unreasonable for me to get these identified split by parameters and phases; so it’s looking like 3D views around the locations will be used. Due to the set-up and frequency of the workflow; semi-automation is required.

The method I’m thinking about using is using model groups and the link function, this would allow me to select all the element in view, group and then hopefully export as a new .RVT

However, after doing some googling and scanning the API doc’s I can’t find a method of doing this via dynamo.

Any help or advice would be appreciated, apologises for having too much headway on this problem, I’ve hit a dead-end fairly quickly.




Sadly API access to Groups is very limited but have a look at this thread for reference: Mass save model groups to path

Essentially @JacobSmall’s idea is to save all groups in a new file, then sequentially SaveAs, delete and purge to create individual files each with a single group.

Best of luck, let us know how you get on :slight_smile:




Hey Mark,

Thanks for linking that, Il start testing it through. It’s a real shame that there are no simpler ways to split a Revit model.

Hopefully, I can get a workflow together from above. Thanks Again.



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Hey @Joe.ashton, I have a problem similar to yours about splitting the .rvt file into Model groups and then (desirably) automating the Link Group function (tyhere are dozens of groups…).
I was wondering if per chance you found a solution that you could share?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @hepner, Unfortunately not, after looking at it we didnt have the time and resource to get this implemented so we opted for a different workflow.

Best of luck