Create new Group Parameter with new filled Parameter

Hi all,

first of all i will thank you for the great Forum! I am in the beginning of coding - so maybe my questions are a little bit easy for you :wink:

This is what i want to code:

  1. Load all geometry of the revit model (i found a python script for this here in the Forum from Martin Script 2
  2. Aim is to create a Key like this: Firmname_Buildingname_Floor_Freetext_Categorie_0001
    So i startet to extract some Information of the Revitmodel and connect them together.

-How can i add the floor in which every element is located?
-How can i add a new Group Parameter “Test Group” with a Parameter “Key” which is filled up with the key mentioned above?

  • How can i count elements and refer this number into my key? Maybe like this: 0001, 0002, 0003 etc.
  • If i will create a new type of a wall for example, will the new key and Parameters automatic created?

Many questions :slight_smile: Maybe you can give me some ideas for continuing…

Thank you!