Make customized table from Excel with title part of Revit schedule

Hi there,

I’d like to import excel spread sheet table into Revit not only text but also table style and form.(combined cells, border styles, etc.)
For this, I decided to use title part of Revit schedule and I’ve found add-in named “RevXL”.
That add-in can read excel data and draw exactly same table into Revit schedule(using title part).
Is it possible to make RevXL-like dynamo node with python?

Thanks in advance,

This is not a very straightforward task, but it is possible to access most of the information you need from an excel file through the excel interop. Here is an example I have made previously of how to get the cell color from an excel file (this is not what you are doing, but similar methods may be used to achieve your specific solution). There are also plenty of methods to work with revit tables which I have not personally used, but may be of use to you.


Thanks @cgartland !
I will try and get back to you if I have question.