Excel table to Revit



I have created a table in Excel that I want to import to revit using Dynamo, I want to put the table under Legends.

Have you guys any idea on how to do it?

My first script so a bit noob



I believe that the only way to do this with Dynamo is with the archi-lab.net package and key schedules. There’s a very thorough description done by Konrad on how to achieve this in here:



okey,will check it out, thanks


Idk, if you can import something under Legends like that. The link that Dimitar mentioned will show you a way to put it into a schedule - not a legend. There is another way of importing Excel into Revit that’s a bit tricky but possible. Revit allows for the header section of its schedule to be split unlimited number of times. This means that you can write an entire Excel table into a header and even format it nicely with custom fonts and colors. :slight_smile: Again, that’s a bit tricky though.