Make a (yes/no) parameter for a text to hide it

Hi, first i have never use a dynamo but its okay i will be able to manage. My question is i have made this family (Level Header) with two text boxes as it shown 1-F.F.L 2-S.S.L and I made this shared parameter with (yes/no) parameter what am asking is how to activate this? I mean the once user check the first option (the one with red the second image) will pop up and the once the used uncheck it will hide?

I think this is something you’re better off to fix within Revit itself rather than using Dynamo.

I don’t think Revit ALONE can do this UNLESS it’s a coding thing this why am asking, anyway thank for your time to reply :slight_smile:

Unless I’m not understanding your request, it sounds like you just want a visibility parameter. A quick Google search should be able to help you set one up.

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Try using node parameter value by name and feed the value with 0 or 1 to switch between Yes & No (Visible or not).

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