How to controle Revit yes/no-parameter in schedules


I have built a Dynamo-script for setting filters for a duplicated schedule. As I can’t seem to alter the existing filters, I am clearing all of them and creating new ones. The script works for text-parameters, but when I try to set a Revit yes/no-parameter I get an error. I think this might have something to do with the value I am trying to give the parameter. I have tried using a boolean, yes/no, 0/1 and 1/2, but nothing works.
I can make it work using a workaround converting the value to an additional text-parameter, but I don’t like that idea very much.
Does anyone have an idea about how to make this work?

I have same problem and i up this post.
I’d try with “Yes”, “Oui” (i’m french), 1, “1”, True (boolean node). nothing matches