Toggle visibilty on/off

Hi fellas!

How do I toggle visibility on/off for a Revit family parameter?
True seems to toggle “on” but when I try “False” it doesn’t seem to work, what should be used to toggle a unticked visibility parameter?

Hi @Marcus_Isacsson

Could you please show us your graph?

What do you mean with toggling a Revit Family Parameter from visible to invisible?
If it corresponds to a Boolean Parameter in revit you should use a Boolean input as Parameter Value.

Those kind of parameters. A boolean doesn’t seem to untick the parameter(?).

The script is attached.
MM - Batch-ifyllnad Title Blocks.dyn (38.1 KB)

Try using an integer to set them. Use 1 for true and 0 for false. I’ve had good luck with that. Also, make sure you trying to change it on the TYPE element and not the instance since it’s a Type parameters.

Awesome @SeanP, will try that.

Both true/false and 1/0 should work. As Kulkul said, we’ll need to see your graph to know what’s going on.