Revit yes no parameters

Is there way to turn on and off yes no parameters via dynamo ?

You can use Element.SetParameterByName node for turn off or on to yes no parameter. you have to write 1 to turn on and write 0 to turn off

Hi Jigar,

Yes, It is possible. Can you please be more specific what type of elements your looking to apply yes/no parameter.

<b>I want to use it for sheets category.</b>

Problem is I got four different stages of project.

We used 4 different text on top of each other and we turn on and off based on phase.

Unfortunately we can’t get those on/off parameters in schedules because they are family parameters in sheet. If we can get in schedule then I can export in excel and put 1/0 and bring back to Revit to update label but unfortunately I can’t because of limitations of sheet category.

I know there is easy way to manage via label but I want to see how dynamo can fix this problem

Jigar, Below is an example how to access sheets label visibility parameter (on/off).

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