Lunchbox quad grid with a revolved surface problem

Hello guys. I am trying to panelize a partial spherical shape created by “surface by revolve” using Lunchbox’s quad grid node but without luck. It works with lofts though . Any ideas?


Another possible way:

Thanks Kulkul. But i need to map an orthogonal grid on the surface not a polar one.

Type this code into a code block, it should do the needful …


You could also refer to this file…
Quads.dyn (6.1 KB)

Noticed the orthogonal grid requirement just now.
Refering to this post and maybe this might help.

That seems nice! Could You please show the rest of the definition? What is plugged in “List first item”?

I will examine the threads Vikram, they look interesting. Thanks for your help!

You’ll find the “Geometry.SplitRecursively(Dir)” node in the spring nodes package:


Another solution, attached. Seems like you want to isolate a section of a sphere that more closely aligns with an orthogonal grid. Take a look at Moshe Safdie’s Instutute of Peace for a similar approach. Also check out a typology called a translational surface.
orthoGridSphere.dyn (17.7 KB)