Lunchbox on Alias distribution of Dynamo

We recently got a question about how to install lunchbox to work with the version of Dynamo that ships with Alias.

Lunchbox installs to %appdata%\Dynamo\Dynamo Core\2.0\packages

But Alias looks in other directories.

The simplest way to get lunchbox working with the Alias distribution of Dynamo is to add the first path to the node and package paths.

You can do this from the Dynamo top menu > Settings > Manage Node and Package Paths… > and use the + to add “%appdata%\Dynamo\Dynamo Core\2.0\packages” to the list of paths.


Unfortunately when I try to install it doesn’t let me choose “dynamo” (i have the alias version) and I cannot find it into the appdata folder.
Any suggestions?

I think you’ll need to contact the author of lunchbox.

I already did that some time ago, but we couldn’t really figure out how to solve this, as even when the Alias folder structure was the same what lunchbox was expecting, it did work for Dynamo 1.3, but not for 2.x. I will have another look at this, and let you know the outcome soon.

hi , same problem here with alias 2020.3, any solutions ?

Looks like the ball got dropped back then. I will try to reach the author from lunchbox on this.
Thanks for the reminder,

ty micheal !

Hi @alaskalex,
I was able to install the lunchbox Plugin on Dynamo/Alias. And yes it is tricky…
Can you please use/download the Lunchbox version from the website.

Install Lunchbox afterwards.
On the left side below the available tools should be a + to select plugins.
Click on the +
Choose this path C:\Users"COM_NAME"\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Core\2.6\packages\LunchBox for Dynamo\bin
choose the Lunchbox.dll file.
Lunchbox should be visible in the List afterwards.

Here is a short video.

Let me know if this solves your problem.

Ty kait for the video.
the problem is before, during the installation

i can’t select dynamo or grasshopper, so also i can’t select manually the .dll because i haven’t that folder.

If you installed dynamo it will automatically pick …

maybe dynamo studio, not dynamo inside Alias

Hi Alex, can you try to install the latest version of Visual c++

Hi, i tryed to install for Dynamo 2.3. The installion was success/ is completed, but in Dynamo there is no lunchbox package visible/installed.
Info: I have no Grasshopper installed.

Can you be more specific on how you installed Dynamo? There should be no need to install it explicitly, as it comes “natively” with installing Alias?

Would anyone here be willing to give us (Autodesk) some input on what the most important notes in Lunchbox are (like a top ten)?

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