Help! revit-dynamo with nodes

Hello, i want to make structural frames like below. I do not have good understanding with code blocks. I would like to solve my problem with nodes, so i hope someone can help…1

I assume that you have some geometry that you are trying to follow (a roof from the architectural model maybe). If that is true, then what you will need to do is first draw some model lines in your model to represent the framing that you wish to create (what the framing would look like on a 2d plan view). Then in Dynamo, get the roof Geometry that you wish to follow with your framing (Select Model Elements node) and feed it through an Element.Geometry node. Then from the solid that is generated you will need to explode the solid into surfaces so that you can then have only the lower surface (which also defines the top of your framing).

Then use Select Model Elements to pick all of the lines you drew to represent the framing. Use “Curve.Extrude” to create a plane from each line that cuts through the surface from the underside of the roof. Then use “Geometry.IntersectAll” to intersect the Surface and the projected planes from the lines you drew. This will produce a set of curves that represent the paths you want each of your framing members to follow. Then feed that set of curves into the “Structural Framing.ByCurvelevelUpVectorAndType” node.

I’ve skipped a few of the details here (like how to use vectors and how to get the faces and surfaces from a solid) and just given you a quick overview. You should be able to fill in the blanks with the search function here on the forum as you go along.

File: CurvedFrames.dyn

In your Revit file, ensure units are set to meters