Looking to Change Assembly Reference Level, After Assembly Creation

We have a bunch of structural Assemblies created and spooled. We noticed that who ever spooled/designed the content must not have had their Reference Level set before they completed the task of spooling. So in our Assembly Manager we see that some show to be on Level 2, some on (multiple) and some are blank.

What I am looking to accomplish: I want to change all of the assemblies Reference levels to be “Level 2” so that they are all reporting properly.

I dug into the Assembly parameters a little bit and haven’t find any “Reference Level” or “Level” parameters. How does Revit determine the Reference level of an assembly?

All of the Assembly Components are set to “Level 2”, we have tried disassembling and then reassembling the content, but to no avail.

In our Vic Tools Assembly Manager, it will let us change the “Level” to what we want (“Level 2”) but then if we sync and then refresh the Vic Tools Assembly Manager, then the “Levels” value all return to what they were before.

Has anyone run into such an issue before?

We are using MEP Fabrication elements for these particular support assemblies.

@t.large , Do have some screenshots at least some tries in dynamo? :wink:

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