How to change reference level of structural framing

I’m trying to change the reference level of a structural framing. I’m using Element.setParameterByName but I get a Read Only error message for the parameter. I’m using dynamo 1.3 and read all the stuff about the built in parameters, but my framing elements do not have twa parameters with the same name, so it should not be a problem.
Why can I not change the reference level? What I’m doing wrong?

Hi @Miguel_Rodriguez_Nie

You can’t set parameter to read only parameter’s. However you can copy the element to another level and delete the beam. It does the same job tho :wink: Here is the process in action. Custom nodes are from clockwork package.

Hi @Kulkul,
thanks for the quik answer. The only thing that I don’t like from your proposal is that when I create a new element it means changing GUID, so I must wath in may workflow if this is a problem or not.

By the way would it be possible with Python?


Hi. Does the element need to remain associated to the level as it’s workplane? If not you could set the level parameter and then tweak the offset values to say 1 and then back to 0. This would mean the beam is in the same place in space, has the same I’d, is associated with the new level but doesn’t have any reference level.