Revit MEP - Re-Associate Elements to a different Level

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Pretty new to Dynamo, still learning… I would like to know if it is possible for Dynamo to associate MEP Equipment/Ducting/Cable Trays etc. to a new level while keeping all elements “offset” the same as the original level.

Example: I have equipment (systems) draw and offset 3000mm from the original “Level 0” - now the architects brought in a new level, I copy monitored them to the MEP File, this “new level” is 600mm above the original “Level 0”. All of the systems still reference from the original “Level 0”, but everything needs to reference from the “new level” while keeping the original offset, which would now be 2400mm - New Level (3000-600).

Can this be accomplished with Dynamo, multiple levels, with multiple new levels while the new levels are still being used and there is a couple of scenarios why the systems or everything per floor can’t just me moved to the correct offset after re-assigning the systems to the correct levels.

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That’s exactly one of the first things I wanted to tackle with Dynamo. I made a post about it back then, the movie is outdated (you don’t need to export/import to excel), but the .dyn works fine, check it out here:

Hi @T_Pover,

This Script looks like it will do the job! Thank you. I’m going to setup a testing file over the next week.

I’m going to mark this as solved for now, watching the video, the script seems to resolve everything which I’m after.

I might revert back to this post if I have a question with a test RVT file and Script.

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