Change fittings level and offset with Dynamo

Hello guys, I’m trying to re-associate my floor plans level reference, I found this link which do the job but for “pipping” is’t possible to use the same node for Floor plans?

here is the link

I’m still new to Dynamo ,I appreciate your help


Once a plan view is screated it cannot be set to a new level in Revit. Since it can’t be done in Revit then it can’t be done in Dynamo.

You could either use dynamo to help you make new views, recreate the scope boundary, copy annotations, and apply a view template.

Thank you @JacobSmall for your reply, does this implement on elements also? Let’s say i Have a floor on Ground Floor with height offset From offset =-1 would like to change the reference to Basement=+1 basically it’s the same height but the associated level reference is different.
That’s why i referred to the tutorial in the link in which he changed the pipping reference using dynamo.

Thank you in advance for your attention.

There are a few posts on this topic already, you should be able to find your answer in these 2 posts:


I believe that most elements can have their host level changed. Views however cannot.

Hi Mustanachar,

If you have DYN file for subjected heading. pleas share this will help us.