Locations of graph messed up

Kind of a strange issue here, which may already have been a topic for but I wouldn’t know what to keywords to search for regarding this issue.

I reïnstalled Revit on my local PC, and ever since, some graphs have all there nodes relocated to one big stack of nodes, like this:

Interestingly, this occurs only on this particular PC. Other PC’s dont have this problem, while version numbers are all the same.


Any suggestions?


Hi @PiebePost ,

I have seen this happen before when your Dynamo version and/or Package version(s) are different than the onces used in the script, are you sure you have the exact same Package Versions?

It is a 99% certainly that this is a Revit add-in conflict - I have yet to see another route cause. To identify which:

  1. Restart your CPU
  2. Disable ALL Revit add-ins (seriously get them all - they like to hide sometimes)
  3. Launch Revit and start a brand new project
  4. Open Dynamo and confirm the issue doesn’t persist
  5. Quit Revit
  6. Collect the journal
  7. Enable all th add-ins again
  8. Launch Revit and start a brand new project
  9. Open Dynamo and confirm the issue was recreated
  10. Quit Revit
  11. Collect the journal
  12. Compare the two journals, looking for “API_ERROR” lines in the initial startup (before you created the new file) of each journal.
    • If the API_ERROR line occurred in both journals you can discard it.
    • For each API_ERROR line in the second journal which isn’t in the first journal, look at the lines shortly before and shortly after - these will indicate which add-in is causing the conflict.
  13. Disable those add-ins and confirm the issue doesn’t reproduce anymore.
    • If not, update the add-in and the issue should be resolved (you may have to contact the add-in provider accordingly).
    • If so, provide the journals noted above to Autodesk support via standard ticketing process so they can identify any further issues.

Thanks @jacob.small and @Daan!

I was a little bit shocked by Jacob’s reply, so I started of with Daan’s comment, and this turned out to be the problem: I missed on package on my freshly installed PC. That was all. I didn’t expect that such a minor issue could lead to this behaviour.

Thank you so much!

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