Loads with Structural Analysis for Dynamo

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I am having trouble with creating a steel frame on Robot using Structural Analysis for Dynamo. I have applied a self-weight and a uniform member load to the beams in the frame. It works fine if I just run the script: the model is properly created and the analysis runs fine. The problem comes when I try to optimize the structure using Refinery. The uniform load seems to multiply for some reason. I am guessing something is wrong with how I have defined the load or the load case.

What is the proper procedure to define the loads I want to apply?



Can you share the dyn? Be sure custom nodes are labeled.

KAD frame.dyn (204.5 KB)

Thank you!

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Did you have time to check this @jacob.small?

Yes - sorry for the delay.

Currently Refinery will not work correctly with Robot, as Robot won’t allow concurrent instances, causing the cross-crossing of results as the values come back out of order. The teams (both Robot and Refinery) are aware of the issue and are discussing how to mitigate it.

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Thank you very much @jacob.small.

Do you know if there’s any other way I could perform this same task? This model is part of my dissertation project and I would hate to leave it halfway.

PM me some more details as to what you’re optimizing for, and I’ll see what options I can drum up for you.

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