Unable to get Analysis.Calculate to work with load on more than one beam

Hello! We are a bachelor group writing a thesis on how to optimize the constructional design phase with help of parameterization. We are using Dynamo and Robot Structural Analysis, since they seem like good programs for that, and so far they are, but we have a (small) problem that we hope you geniuses can help out with.

We have used the class from Emmanuel Weyermanns “Optimizing Structural Analysis with Dynamo”.


And tried to scale that up for bigger constructions, but we have encountered a problem. When adding more members to the simple 2D-frame, making it a double 2D-frame, and adding loads to the new AnalyticalBar, the Analysis.Calculate wont Analysis, or calculate. What do we do wrong???

Attached is the Dynamo setup, and the result in Robot. All help is good help, we have tried everything and are really stuck here.

Dynamo setup:

Result in Robot afte run:



@mortenaa2 We will be looking into it .

Maciek Kubica

Hello, and thank you. I don’t know how I did it, but it works now. Also, only the support-nodes can be used in the calculation if you have panels, or the supports get added to random nodes.

Looking forward to the surface load update! :smiley: very good addon this RSA for dynamo, and it’s very fun to use the program