Load Cases and Showing Results for Robot Analysis on Dynamo

Dear seniors/mentors,

I would like to ask for some guidance on how to create multiple load cases for my structure on Dynamo. I am struggling with the part where I don’t know how to select the structure’s self-weight to be included in dead load category.

Also, this leads to another doubt I have in the analysis process, where I’m not sure how to make them show the results, for example to show the support reactions on the nodes, or bar results for my model. May I know how I should approach this? I have used the “Structural Analysis for Dynamo” package for this, but I am also confused why some of the nodes which are shown in tutorial videos/autodesk notes (e.g. Support/Sections UI nodes) could not be found… I have attached my entire script here for reference. Thank you!

2021-11-12 Roof Truss Script.dyn (348.8 KB)