Uniform Member Load By Bars (Structural Analysis Package) problem

in my Thesis, I’m trying to parametrize design of steel hall with Dynamo. I’m quite close to the end but there appeared a problem. I have used UniformMemberLoad.ByBars for creating loads but after creating 37th load warning started to appear. I cannot find the problem. What I’ve noticed is that UniformMemberLoad block is not assigning the right load case (not the one that I connected with it) and so on it is creating load with the same Id as the one that already exists. I think that causes the problem but I cannot deal with it. When I remove the blocks that I highlighted in the picture, the script runs successfully. I would really appreciate help.
Link to my Robot and Dynamo files: https://we.tl/wApCbo1rnH

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@Emmanuel_Weyermann might know more.

@Michael_Kirschner2 Would @Emmanuel_Weyermann also know why “Analysis.Calculate” node does not work in Dyn 2.0? :slight_smile:

@Jonathan.Olesen … We haven’t yet released a version of the structural package compatible with dynamo 2.0. The calculate node is on our list of issues to address with a couple of others.

@pechu9 … I looked at your file and i met a couple of issues before reaching the load creation step. to move froward, could you please share the list of packages and the custom nodes (i.e List.sortByKey, List.droplastItems) you are using on this file.

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Thank you very much for the clarification i figured as much :slight_smile:

Can you answer me if a github/other possibility of gaining access to the code behind the package? As a combination of the package and custom coding does not work very well together because of the use of a separate dictionary/container :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. Here is the list of my packages:

I have changed process of choosing analytical bars for the UniformMemberLoad.ByBars block little bit and now the script runs successfully, however I’ve noticed that in Robot load on front and back truss is missing. This led me to discovery that two UniformMemberLoad.ByBars (those highlined in first post) are still assigning the same Load Id despite the fact that other bars and load megnitudes are connected to those blocks.
Link to new Dyn file: https://we.tl/7L8W5FksnK

@pechu9 … After looking at your file, I would recommend when you apply cross section to members to use the outport for downstream processing. When you are creating your loads, i’m not sure if all bars are already created

Thank you for your reply. I’m not sure what you exactly mean. Could you describe how to do it?

On your graph, you assign cross sections to bar elements. Output of some of these nodes are not connected to any nodes (downstream nodes). This means that there is no guarantee that elements cross sections will be applied to bar created in Robot before running the analysis.
Your initial issue maybe be related to this as well - trying to assign a force to a not yet created bar.