Load Multiple Shared Parameters using data shapes

Hi , I really need some guidance here. I want to load the multiple parameters from the shared parameter file. I found the graph online and it runs, but the parameters are not showing up in revit.

Am i missing something?
Please advise. I am using Revit 2020.2 and Dynamo 2.3IDE_Load Shared Parameters.dyn (59.9 KB)

Please post a better image of the graph.
Use the camera button in the top right of the screen

Hi Marcel,

Just posted a better image of the graph, and the dyn file too. It runs but doesn’t add the parameters to REVIT. Please advise if possible. Thanks. I am stuck.

What is the output from the ‘add shared parameters from text’ node?

Hi Jacob,
Its supposed to load these parameters directly into REVIT. Its from the Data Shapes Package

Yes but what are the results? Expand the preview and post that. :slight_smile:

Sorry, i misunderstood. :slight_smile: Attached is the watch node showing null. :frowning:

What package is the add-shared parameters from text file from? I’ll have a look later today.

The entire graph is from Data Shapes

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Hi Jacob, Any luck with the add-shared parameters from txt file. Please advise.

it’s an index issue, try the following see if that work

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