Insert multiple shared parameters with UI

Hi all :hugs:

I just made a script that lets you insert multiple shared parameters at once. I started from the nodes release by @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi and used some nodes of the packages listed below.

UI changes

Script in action

It maybe will be usefull to someone else too. Please notice that you need to install those packages before running the script:

(I am not sure if I used all of them but they could be useful anyway)

  • Data-Shapes
  • Clockwork for Dynamo
  • Rhytm
  • SteamNodes
  • LunchBox for Dynamo
  • BattleBIM

(to install the packages, open Dynamo > Packages > Search for…)

if the link isn’t working, try this <<<

Have a great day, peace :peace_symbol:.


Hi! Thank you very much for the script. But the script for some reason does not work. In the screenshot I showed an error that occurs. What could be the problem?

Hi, can you record the screen while you start the script, probably it could be the just the boolean refresh, but I am not sure, if you could upload more images or a screen recording would be great.

I can’t attach the file. Uploaded it to the cloud -

Can you show what is happening here? The video you uploaded do not have a good resolution for my eyes to see :stuck_out_tongue:


Uploaded the next series

@sapr I think its the language, as you can see in the file path node, it takes the path and convert it to string, probably the russian symbols aren’t recognized.

Deleted all Russian symbols-the result is the same. What version of Revit you tested the script?


Thanks for your help. It does not work also for 2018. When I will have free time, I will deal.

for me it is working just fine, one thing you could do is to delete all the dynamo packages and install them again, you can find the packages names in the post above.

One more thing I forgot to clarify. What version of Dynamo do you have?



Could you please re-upload the file as when I try to download it, its telling me that the file does not exist.


I am sorry about that, I have just re-uploaded the file. Please click on the link at the top of this page.


Thank you very much for quick reply
File won’t extract when I try to unzip it, get "Can not open file … as archive

When I download the file, it is a “rar” file. I use 7zip to extract and this is what I get :frowning:

I checked the file and unzipped with no problem, anyway I have re-uploaded it again, if again will not work, try 7zip instead. Let me know.

Still having same issue, file from yesterday is 51KB, and today file is 102KB
I am using 7zip, but also have tried WinRAR and still same issue
Sorry to be a pain, any chance of sharing it as dyn, without compressing (zipping)
Thanks in advance

no worries you are not being a pain! try now :wink: