Load family nested families in background mode

Hi, guys

I would like to have a standard MEP library. I have several generic annotation already created in Revit from the CAD library and now I would to load theses family into the several MEP families (Lighting Fixture, Electrical Equipment, Mechanical equipmente…)

Anyone knows if this is possible to do? I will try with the Orchid package without success…

Thanks in advance!


try this:

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I already tried

:upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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Are they both Orchid nodes? A Orchid node with a document input, need a “orchid document”

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Yes, they are Orchid nodes…

Please use monocle to annotate your custom nodes - there is something fishy going on here. :slight_smile:

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Maybe this link below will help you:

By the way, you try to open a .rfa in a .rfa document I don’t know of that is possible with this node…