Load & replace families in bulk projects

Hi guys,

Still a novice so regular poster. I work for a volume builder and we regularly have updates in products, fixtures or fittings. I was wondering if there’s a way to combine graphs to have them open a document, replace a family and then save and close the document in bulk files in the one folder.

My current situation is that we have had our lights changed from 15w to 8w and have around 40 master files that need to be updated. In the graph below I have 2 graphs that I have tried to combine one being an open/close graph and one being a replace family graph. Both of them work as an individual file however together I’m getting no love.

Is it something around the list.create node that is the issue or am I way off? As a side note the in depth coding side is the thing of nightmares for me so if I could do this with OOTB or Package nodes that would be brilliant.

Thanks all, much love to the community.

ReplaceFamiliesOpenClose.dyn (25.4 KB)

Try specifying your family name and path as strings (so you can reference a family type by name in each specific document, not just the current one), but make your ‘all elements of family type’ and ‘document.loadfamily’ nodes wait for the opendocumentfile node. This can be done using a passthrough/await function - quite a lot of packages have these such as Clockwork (passthrough), Crumple (waitfor) or Orchid (await).

Currently your family types and loadfamily nodes would run on the active document only (assuming you must be running this script from a dummy project), so you will probably need to find nodes which can load families to a specific document versus the current one. I believe Orchid has nodes that can work this way.

Thanks so much. This is very helpful. I’ll give it a crack and we’ll see how we go. Cheers

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